Colombian Excelso Espresso 12 oz

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Colombian Excelso is a single-origin roast that is lively, hearty and smooth. It's been described as having a balanced body with a slightly fruity taste.

Excelso refers to the size of the bean. The Colombian beans are filtered by a screen, where anything under 17 is an "Excelso" and anything over is a "Supremo". This is more of a traditional practice, that most connoisseurs will say has no affect on the quality of the cup.

Great in a french or espresso roast.

Price is per 12oz (340g) of coffee

Be sure to include the roast and grind you would like when ordering. All of our coffee is roasted, ground and bagged upon order.

Colombian Excelso Espresso 12 oz is used by deluxe Canadian cafes all across the country. You can now purchase products that cost $4.00-$5.00 per serving at a coffee shop right from Canada. Bulk Colombian Excelso Espresso 12 oz pricing is available for restaurants and coffee shops, contact us directly for details.

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