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Why Fresh Roasted Coffee?

Like all drinks (beer, soda) - coffee is only really good when it's fresh. Buying coffee that was roasted months ago and has been sitting on store shelves is like drinking flat, room temperature beer. That's all most people have ever known so they don't mind it - but once you start drinking REAL coffee - coffee that has been roasted within days of purchase and ground specifically for you - no store bought coffee is ever the same.

fair trade organic deluxe coffee

Stop settling for weeks-old stale coffee that has been sitting on store shelves. Coffee is a product that has a beautiful, full taste profile when it has been freshly roasted, but which quickly dissipates after the fact. Within weeks, coffee will have lost most of it's flavour. Now consider that most store-bought coffee has been sitting around for nearly 2 months (between bulk roasting, transportation and sittin in inventory), and it's clear that it's nowhere near as great as it could be.

As bad as waiting for months after roasting is, grinding coffee accelerates the process exponentially. Most coffee connoisseurs will agree that coffee loses most of it's flare within days - two weeks at most - of being ground.

That's why we're here - have your coffee roasted and ground the same day you order, and have it arrive in less than a week! Getting your coffee within days of it being ground is the single biggest step most Canadians can take in improving their daily cup of coffee. Selecting from dozens of different origins, having it roasted to YOUR specifications, and having it shipped directly to your door step will give you that Deluxe Cup of Coffee you love.

We can supply everything from Fair Trade Coffees, to Organic Coffees, to Rainforest Alliance Coffees for your personal use right at home. Premium, hard to find coffees like the Tanzanian Peaberry are also available. Looking for a high end coffee without the high price? Try our Jamaican Blend and our Hawaiian Blend.

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